Reason I chose to write the series.

I had always loved reading action, adventure and mystery as a young boy and I wanted to contribute to kids pleasure of reading a series that is new, unique and thrilling.  I made the series to be friendly to both girls and boys since the two heads are a boy and an girl and one doesn’t command over the other.  All the team of six mystery and adventure seekers are split equally three girls and three boys and they go on very believable yet never heard of before mystery adventures.  I think the hours of pleasure reading this mystery series will uplift your children’s spirit and they will learn good English and vocabulary skills.  They will develop analytical, reasoning and observation skills they can take to any job in the future.  They will also learn about crime from the news show perspective and will be more aware of the tricks that criminals use so they will be able to better stay safe.



George A. Anderson

Welcome to Mystery and Adventure!

Started writing stories when I was five. Been through many life experiences and I want to tell you about them. I do  this by means of a three girl, three boy club which faces mystery after mystery. The Mystery of the Bungling Burglar is Book 1 and tells how the club of then twelve year olds made their start, solving local mysteries of practical significance. They then sporadically travel the world, in between fighting local law breakers, solving chaos with their parents and other family members. In Book 1 as some other books in the series which is planned to be many books, the  club solves mysteries themselves. Every other book starting book 2, parents and family members help the club, fight the bad people while on vacation around the world. So sit up, ready for story hour and when The Hometown  Kids™ Club is around adventure and intrigue is around the corner.